The Oslo, Norway Chapter of the Iron Pigs M/C was formed in May of 2001. 


Law Enforcement Officer John B. at Oslo policedepartement established contact with members of the Iron Pigs M/C in USA,  and shortly after that the  Norwegian Chapter was founded. 


The  members are Law Enforcement Officers and commerades who has a passion for Harley Davidson Motorcycles, and the 99% bikers lifestyle.


The Oslo, Norway Chapter is the first chapter outside the U.S.A. 


The Iron Pigs M/C was founded in Oroville California in December of 2000. Starting as a national organization upon its conception the IPMC was formed by former members of the WILD PIGS M/C. The WILD PIGS M/C was undergoing a trademark dispute and was facing possible legal action against them, and the politics within the organization unfortunately began to run ramped. The members of the IPMC came to the realization that this is a brotherhood and above all is supposed to be FUN. 

This club was started to offer genuine brotherhood between Law Enforcement Officers, and Firefighters of the same mindset who enjoy riding American steel together. We are all of the same iron and consider each other true brothers and believe that the bond we have now is thicker then blood. We enjoy each others company and live the biker lifestyle.


 The IPMC and members honor all Law Enforcement and Firefighter M/C's in existence and extend our hands in friendship and camaraderie. The same is true for civilian bikers, whom we consider friends that we have not met. The IPMC does not claim or hold any ties to the WILD PIGS M/C


 Careful consideration and many hours went into the design and the selection of our COLORS. Our COLORS are neutral and are not intended to offend any other M/C in existence. We are a Law Enforcement/Firefighter Club and want to ride in peace.


The IPMC is based on riding American made V-Twin motorcycles and having a hell of a time doing it, while enjoying our brothers and sisters company and forging friendships for life.


The IPMC also encourages spouse's participation in this great hobby. The IPMC has reserved 30% membership for spouses that have their own bike, want to fly our colors and want to share in the V-Twin adventure.